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CAppSoundsManager v1.09 A C++ class to encapsulate Application Sounds

Welcome to CAppSoundsManager, a C++ class which encapsulates the area of "Application Sounds". These are the sounds which end-users can customize in the Sound tab of the "Sounds and Audio Devices" control panel applet. The class is based in part upon the "CSoundMgr" class developed by Paul DiLascia for the May 2006 edition of the MSDN Magazine

To get you started you should probably read the DiLascia article at


The enclosed zip file contains the source and a sample VC 2017 dialog based appwizard generated application to show how to use it.







v1.09 (24 April 2022)

v1.08 (4 May 2020)

v1.07 (14 March 2020)

v1.06 (20 October 2018)

v1.05 (2 December 2017)

v1.04 (24 January 2016)

v1.03 (4 January 2009)

v1.02 (14 June 2007)

v1.0 (22 September 2006)

v1.01 (22 September 2006)