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Got a tough Windows programming question which is stumping you, then why not Ask PJ!

As part of my community commitment to being a Microsoft Valuable Professional, I am making myself available to answer your Windows programming questions in my areas of expertise. Please note that before emailing me your question, please consider that your question may have already been asked before and answered. I would always suggest you try checking out the newsgroup archives (e.g. using Google Groups) first. There are also many very good web sites dedicated to Windows development, many of which I link to on my MFC / C++ Links Page. One favourite web site of mine is which has numerous good articles on almost every aspect of Windows development. If you are still without an answer, then you should consider posting your question to the appropriate Windows programming newsgroup. Because the newsgroups are public others are also able to learn from everyone else's past experiences. If you cannot find your solution using these avenues, then you are free to drop me an email with your question, using the form below and I will try my best to respond to your question.

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