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CCMC Logo CCMC v1.04 A set of MFC classes to encapsulate sending mail using CMC (Obsolete)

Welcome to CCMC, 2 simple classes to encapsulate sending mail using the Common Messaging Calls (CMC) interface.

CMC is a platform independent API which provides messaging capabilities similar to simple MAPI on Windows. Other obvious API's of use to the MFC programmer are SMTP and Simple MAPI. The author has provided classes for these at smtp.html and cmapi.html respectively. This class has been exclusively tested with the MS reference implementation of CMC but should work ok with any other CMC implementation on 32 bit Windows.




The enclosed zip file contains the source code and a simple test program to exercise all of the functions the classes provide.




31 March 2008

V1.04 (1 January 2007)

V1.03 (22 December 2006)

V1.02 (2 April 2000)

V1.01 (28 March 2000)

V1.0 (25 November 1999)