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ClipTalk LogoClipTalk v1.21 An application to speak the current text on the clipboard (Obsolete)

This simple application sits in the tray notification area under Windows 95 and NT 4 and speaks the text on the clipboard. The text can be spoken back when you double click the ClipTalk icon in the tray, use a hotkey or even when text is just added to the clipboard. The context menu looks as follows:

CliptTalk screen capture

Full installation instructions for ClipTalk are included in the enclosed zip file which contains the ClipTalk executables. You will also need to download this text to speech zip file which is the text to speech engine I use.

The program is very helpful for visually impaired computer users and will work with any Windows application which supports pasting text to the clipboard i.e. virtually all Windows applications. Places you might find this program useful are in your word processor, Web browser or email program.



30 September 2012

V1.21 (2 December 1998)

V1.2 (1 December 1998)

V1.1 (29 June 1998)