CodeProject An alternative to CodeGuru, again with loads of sample code, articles and discussion boards. Microsoft's VC++ newsgroup. Microsoft's MFC newsgroup. Public MFC newsgroup.
Microsofts VC++ page Microsoft's VC++ page.
PJ Naughters home page The authors very own homepage including links to a number of projects I have developed.
MSDN Online All the latest and greatest development news from Microsoft.
RogueWave Publishers of a number of well known commercial MFC extension libraries.
Interface Technologies Contains some programming and computer-related topics such as Visual C++, MFC, and Windows NT
Mime++ A C++ class to encapsulate MIME. A number of interesting MFC and SDK apps most including source code.
Kinook Software Home of Visual Build, build management software for Windows and web developers. Thanks. wxWidgets home, a freeware C++ class framework for GUI development. Producers of an MFC extension library called Prof-UIS, enabling applications to be provided with an up-to-date user interface.
UCanCode software  Home page of Xtreme Diagram++ MFC Library with full source code Forum Based Web site with information on C, Win32, C++, MFC and C# Tutorials Gigasoft, Inc. Makers of MFC, ActiveX, DLL, and .Net Charting Tools.