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DTime Logo v2.22 A Collection of Date/Time Classes (Obsolete)


DTime is a collection of classes & functions designed to ease the MFC programmers burden when handling date and time values. If like me, having taken a look at the built in MFC classes CTime and CTimeSpan or the OLE based COleDateTime and COleDateTimeSpan classes, you decided they did not meet your requirements. And you wanted to write your own super-duper date and time classes, but deadlines were looming, then look no further. Included in this distribution is DTime v2.2 which is for 32 bit Windows only and requires MFC to use.





29 October 2007

22 April 2006

11 April 2000

v2.22 (14 May 1999)

v2.21 (17 July 1998)

v2.2 (5 August 1997)