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EnumWnd v1.03 An ATL DLL to demonstrate COM Enumerators and Collections

Welcome to EnumWnd, a tutorial ATL COM dll which I developed while studying the Collections and Enumerator support provided by ATL. While reading the "ATL Internals" book by Brent Rector and Chris Sells, I was struggling with Chapter 7 which explains COM Enumerators. To improve my understanding of this, I decided to develop a real world example. The simplest collection I could think of was Top Level Windows which is what is returned by the Win32 SDK call "EnumWindows". 


The enclosed zip file contains the EnumWnd source code, and a sample VB 6 app to test all the methods of the classes.





V1.03 (27 December 2018)

V1.02 (17 January 2017)

V1.01 (6 April 2002)

V1.0 (20 January 2002)