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CPJNFinger v1.04 An MFC class to encapsulate the "Finger" protocol (Obsolete)

Welcome to CPJNFinger, A very simple MFC class to encapsulate the Finger protocol. Finger for those not familiar with all the internet protocols is the protocol used to retrieve information about a systems users. The information returned is a simple string and can be used for any purposes. For example the USGS (United States Geological Survey) use Finger to allow up to date Earthquake data to be retrieved. 

For detailed information about the Finger, you should read RFC 1288. You can find numerous Web Servers which carry these documents by doing an internet search for "RFC" and "1288".


The sample app provided with the code implements a very simple GUI Finger client, a definite improvement over the console version provided by MS on NT.




The enclosed zip file contains the CPJNFinger source code and a simple GUI based Finger client based on it.





8 February 2011

V1.04 (28 December 2006)

V1.03 (14 April 2006)

V1.02 (3 November 2003)

V1.01 (17 October 1999)

V1.0 (11 October 1999)