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GPSCom2 Logo GPSCom2 v1.17 A freeware COM Library for GPS support  

IConnectionPointImplMT v1.12 A freeware IConnectionPoint implementation for ATL

Welcome to GPSCom2, a simple freeware COM based library which can be used to add GPS support to your Windows applications. GPSCom2 is a standard COM EXE developed in ATL in VC 2017. It is based on the design of the existing shareware GPSCom component of the author which has now been obsoleted by GPSCom2. GPSCom2 internally uses an advanced ATL class called IConnectionPointImplMT to support firing COM events from worker threads different that the threads on which the COM object was originally created. The GPSCom2 code internally used asynchronous IO when reading from the serial port to provide the best performance and avoids the need for polling. Included in the download is prebuilt GPSCom2 binaries for x86 and x64. The GPSCom2 component delivers a simple string value of a sentence back to client applications using the standard COM Connection Point notification mechanism. A set of C++ client classes further abstracts this to provide a simple C++ class with virtual functions for each type of NMEA sentence. These set of classes are provided in the GPSCom2Client\GPSCom2Client.h header file which you can simple include in your existing C++ client applications. These classes provide comprehensive support for the following NMEA sentences: $GPRMC, $GPGGA, $GPGSV, $GPGLL, $GPVTG, $GPGSA, $GPGRS & $GPGST. All the parsing of these sentences is handled for you and standard virtual function and parsed structures are available for client applications to code against.

The enclosed zip file contains the GPSCom2 source code, and a x86 and x64 Unicode Release binary and a sample VC++ 2017 test app which exercises the C++ client classes.





v1.17 GPSCom2 / v1.12 IConnectionPointImplMP (17 June 2023)

v1.16 GPSCom2 / v1.11 IConnectionPointImplMP (1 May 2022)

v1.15 GPSCom2 (10 May 2020)

v1.14 GPSCom2 / v1.10 IConnectionPointImplMP (4 April 2020)

v1.13 GPSCom2 (22 December 2019)

v1.12 GPSCom2 (4 November 2019)

v1.11 GPSCom2 (9 September 2019)

v1.10 GPSCom2 (30 June 2019)

v1.09 GPSCom2 (23 June 2019)

v1.08 GPSCom2 / v1.09 IConnectionPointImplMP (18 May 2019)

v1.07 GPSCom2 / v1.08 IConnectionPointImplMP (13 October 2018)

v1.06 GPSCom2 (7 November 2017)

v1.05 GPSCom2 / v1.07 IConnectionPointImplMP (7 March 2017)

v1.04 GPSCom2 / v1.06 IConnectionPointImplMP (7 March 2017)

v1.03 GPSCom2 / v1.05 IConnectionPointImplMP (19 November 2016)

v1.02 GPSCom2 / v1.04 IConnectionPointImplMP (17 December 2015)

v1.01 GPSCom2 (1 May 2010)

v1.0 GPSCom2 / v1.03 IConnectionPointImplMP (1 May 2010)