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GPSLIB Logo GPSLIB v1.03a An SDK to add GPS support to your Windows applications (Obsolete)




The enclosed zip file contains the GPSLIB source code, demo programs and online documentation.  You will need Visual C++ 5 or later to build the DLLs, control panel applets and exes as this distribution does not include any binary files. This is to help keep the download size to an absolute minimum (77k).


Pre-Built Binaries

For those developers who want to use GPSLIB but do not have Visual C++ to hand to allow you to build the binaries, this zip file contains pre-built ASCII release versions to help you get started using GPSLIB right away



v1.03a (21 August 2002)

27 September 2001

21 June 2001

21 June 1999

16 June 1999

V1.03 (13 June 1999)

V1.02 (26 August 1998)

V1.01 (20 January 1998)

v1.0 (13 January 1998)