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CHelix v1.07 A class to implement the "Helix" Encryption and Authentication cipher (Obsolete)

CHelix is a C++ implementation for the Helix Encryption and Authentication algorithm as presented in a November 2003 Dr. Dobb's Journal article by Niels Ferguson and Bruce Schneier. For further information please refer to the article.


The enclosed zip file contains the CHelix source code and also includes a VC 6 workspace file to build a small test app and DLL version of Helix.





v1.0 (29 November 2003)

V1.01 (30 November 2003)

V1.02 (1 December 2003)

V1.03 (1 December 2003)

V1.04 (18 June 2004)

V1.05 (17 September 2004)

V1.06 (28 October 2004)

V1.07 (30 December 2006)

28 December 2016