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CHKLM v1.17 An MFC class to write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (Obsolete)

Welcome to CHKLM, A simple MFC class to allow you to write values to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER which the MFC functions limit you to. The class is not designed to be a complete registry class, instead it provides functions similar in style to the MFC ones.

Full source code is provided for those interested. A VC 6 workspace file is included which builds a simple demo console application which calls the class methods.




The enclosed zip file contains the CHKLM source code and a simple console based application which exercises the class.





V1.0 (27 June 1998)

V1.01 (14 July 1999)

V1.1 (3 October 1999)

V1.11 (9 August 2001)

V1.12 (12 October 2001)

V1.13 (23 July 2004)

V1.14 (11 November 2004)

V1.15 (26 March 2005)

v1.16 (11 June 2006)

V1.17 (20 July 2006)