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CIJLBitmap Logo CIJLBitmap v1.22 An MFC class to support loading DIB's and Jpegs (Obsolete)

Welcome to CIJLBitmap, An MFC class based in part on CBitmap and CPalette which provides support for loading Device Independent Bitmaps (DIBS) and jpegs from disk. Support is provided for Loading BMP's from file and resource, loading Jpeg files and saving to BMP's on file.



The enclosed zip file contains the CIJLBitmap source code and a simple SDI MFC app which implements a simple DIB / Jpeg viewer. For further details on how to use the class have a look at the doc and view cpp files and the included documentation.




23 December 2005

V1.22 (1 August 2001)

V1.21 (31 July 2000)

V1.2 (30 July 2000)

V1.1 (10 April 2000)

V1.0 (3 April 2000)