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IniUtil v1.11 A freeware COM DLL for handling INI files

Welcome to IniUtil, A COM DLL to allow easy access to the Win32 API's which deal with INI files.

IniUtil is a dual interface COM dll which is designed to allow access to reading / writing ini files from COM enabled languages / environments including ASP, Windows Script, JScript, VBScript, VBA, Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, Delphi etc etc. Although MS recommends usage of the registry over ini files and officially says that the API's are only provided for 16 bit compatibility, many products and people find ini files easier to use, less dangerous and more portable from one machine to another than use of the registry. Due to their widespread use and the lack of COM enabled ways to get at them, IniUtil was born.




The enclosed zip file contains the source code, help documentation and precompiled binaries for x86 and x64.



v1.11 (7 May 2022)

v1.10 (10 March 2019)

v1.09 (5 October 2018)

v1.08 (2 May 2017)

v1.07 (30 October 2016)

v1.06 (18 July 2006)

v1.05 (25 August 2003)

v1.04 (30 July 2003)

30 April 2003

v1.03 (20 March 2003)

v1.02 (16 January 2003)

v1.01 (27 November 2001)

v1.0 (25 November 2001)