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CInt96 LogoCInt96 v1.07 An MFC class which provides 96 bit integers (Obsolete)

If you have every been doing any arithmetic which stretches the limits of the build in "__int64" data type in Visual C++, then here is a class which gives you an extra 4 bytes to play with.



The enclosed zip file contains the CInt96 source code and a simple console program which exercises the class.





v1.0 (11 July 1999)

V1.01 (17 October 1999)

 V1.02 (26 October 1999)

V1.03 (28 October 1999)

V1.04 (5 December 1999)

V1.05 (20 November 2002)

V1.06 (26 March 2005)

V1.07 (31 January 2006)

28 August 2016