I've an avid follower science fiction/fact fan, in particular any of the books written by Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Jean Meeus and Patrick Moore. I'm also a keen amateur astronomer and built a 6 inch Newtonian telescope a number of years ago. I'm also a member of Astronomy Ireland, the largest amateur astronomy club per capita in the world. Recently I purchased a SAC4 WebCam from SAC-Imaging and plan on taking some pictures. My first attempt is displayed here.

In August 2003, I started work on building an observatory, For details of this, click here

I'm also a bit of a pub Quiz fanatic, and take part in a league in the local pub whenever I get the chance. My ultimate aim in life is of course to appear on the Irish Version of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" <g>. Unfortunately the show was cancelling a few years back so unless I move to another country there goes that dream<gg>.

I also play a bit of golf with the Ballygarrett Golf Society and enjoy a round of golf every month or so with the members.