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CListOptionsCtrl LogoCListOptionsCtrl v1.24 An MFC class to provide a properties browser control (Obsolete)

Welcome to CListOptionsCtrl, a control which implements a properties browser control similar to the properties browser in Visual Basic. In addition to Boolean values, it also allows edit boxes, combo boxes, file browser, folder browsers, color browsers, font browsers, font name combo boxes, general opaque objects, date controls, time controls and IP address controls to be included in the list control. Included below is a snapshot showing the demo application and what the control looks like


CListOptionsCtrl screen capture


The enclosed zip file contains the CListOptionsCtrl source code and a simple dialog based application which exercises the class.





28 February 2016

V1.24 (16 March 2015)

V1.23 (21 May 2012)

V1.22 (15 June 2008)

V1.21 (23 December 2007)

V1.20 (7 July 2006)

V1.19 (8 May 2006)

V1.18 (3 May 2006)

V1.17 (26 November 2004)

V1.16 (5 May 2004)

V1.15 (17 October 2002)

V1.14 (2 June 2002)

V1.13 (1 June 2002)

V1.12 (31 May 2002)

V1.11 (23 January 2002)

V1.1 (13 January 2002)

V1.0 (5 December 2001)