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CServerMailslot & CClientMailslot v1.24 C++ wrapper classes for Win32 Mailslots

These 2 classes provides a clean C++ interface to the Win32 IPC mechanism called mailslots. They are very similar to the more common "Named pipe" IPC mechanism. Unlike named pipes, mailslots use datagrams. A datagram is a small packet of information that the network sends along the wire. Like a radio or television broadcast, a datagram offers no confirmation of receipt; there is no way to guarantee that a datagram has been received.

Mailslots can broadcast messages within a domain. If several processes in a domain each create a mailslot using the same name, every message that is addressed to that mailslot and sent to the domain is received by the participating processes. Because one process can control both a server and client mailslot handle, applications can easily implement a simple message-passing facility within a domain.


The enclosed zip file contains the source code for the 2 classes and also includes a VC 2017 solution to build a demonstration program called WinNotify. It is based on the old MS WinPopup utility as shown below:

WinNotify screen capture





v1.24 (9 April 2022)

v1.23 (3 May 2020)

v1.22 (26 December 2019)

v1.21 (21 September 2019)

v1.20 (3 June 2019)

v1.19 (14 October 2018)

v1.18 (30 April 2017)

v1.17 (16 January 2016)

v1.16 (10 May 2015)

v1.15 (7 September 2008)

v1.14 (8 September 2007)

v1.13 (23 December 2006)

v1.12 (22 December 2006)

v1.11 (26 July 2003)

11 August 1998

v1.11 (10 August 1998)

v1.1 (26 July 1998)