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MfcCDDB Logo MfcCDDB v1.36 A set of C++ classes to support access to CDDB servers

Welcome to MfcCDDB, a collection of C++ classes to support access to the Compact Disc DataBases on the Internet.

CDDB is an information database containing artist, disc title, track titles, and other information for digital audio compact discs. Over time, this archive has grown to contain a substantial collection of CD information and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. This database can be accessed by applications via the CDDB server hosts that have been set up on the Internet around the world. The CDDB data format and the CDDB servers are designed to be open, and are used by many client applications requiring CD information. CDDB has become the de facto standard for Internet access of compact disc information. For more information please see

The enclosed zip file contains the MfcCDDB source code and a simple VC2008 console based test program which exercises all class API's.





V1.36 (20 May 2017)

V1.35 (30 July 2016)

V1.34 (26 February 2016)

V1.33 (10 April 2010)

V1.32 (24 December 2009)

V1.31 (31 August 2008)

V1.30 (12 January 2008)

V1.29 (1 January 2007)

V1.28 (29 June 2005)

V1.27 (20 August 2004)

V1.26 (3 November 2003)

V1.25 (3 August 2003)

V1.24 (24 June 2002)

V1.23 (2 February 2002)

V1.22 (8 October 2001)

V1.21 (7 October 2001)

V1.20 (9 August 2001)

V1.19 (5 September 2000)

V1.18 (30 May 2000)

V1.17 (17 May 2000)

V1.16 (7 May 2000)

V1.15 (13 February 2000)

V1.14 (23 January 2000)

V1.13 (17 January 2000)

V1.12 (29 November 1999)

V1.11 (14 July 1999)

V1.1 (20 May 1999)

V1.0 (11 May 1999)