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MFCSensor v1.08 A set of freeware C++ wrapper classes for the Windows Sensors API

These set of classes make it a lot easier to use the COM based Sensors API which was introduced with Windows 7.




The enclosed zip file contains the MFCSensor wrapper classes and a simple VC 2017 dialog based test program to exercise most of the classes functionality.





v1.08 (29 April 2022)

v1.07 (22 March 2020)

v1.06 (4 October 2019)

v1.05 (21 October 2018)

v1.04 (19 November 2017)

v1.03 (13 January 2016)

v1.02 (1 December 2013)

v1.01 (7 February 2011)

v1.0 (5 February 2011)