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CParallelPort Logo CParallelPort v1.16 An MFC class to control parallel ports on Windows (Obsolete)

The code is based on the ideas and code from the book "Parallel Port Complete" which I would recommend you read, if you want to learn more about parallel ports and their programmatic use. The class allows you to read and write values to the port using low level port IO while at the same time making sure that the code does not cause problems for other apps using the parallel ports using normal Win32 calls.








The enclosed zip file contains the CParallelPort source code, documentation and a simple MFC console app which implements a simple client / server app to transfer files from PC to PC via "LPT1". For further details on how to use the class have a look at function _tmain in the module main.cpp.



28 March 2014

V1.16 (30 December 2007)

V1.15 (24 December 2007)

V1.14 (9 July 2006)

V1.13 (24 September 2004)

V1.12 (11 June 2003)

V1.11 (12 April 2003)

V1.1 (21 July 2000)

V1.0 (5 April 2000)