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PJSECURE v1.01 A DLL to provide the basis for network copy registration (Obsolete)

PJSECURE is a simple C style dll which can be used as the basis for a network copy registration for your products. The program is freeware, meaning you are free to use it in anyway you like so long as you do not redistribute the source code with your product.

The functions in pjsecure retrieves 2 pieces of information which can be used to uniquely identify a computer. The first function retrieves the NIC address of an installed network card. This 12 digit number is guaranteed unique by network card manufacturers. The second function returns the serial number associated with the "C" drive on your computer. With these 2 values you can build your own registration mechanisms on top.

The enclosed zip file contains the PJSECURE source code (as a VC 6 workspace) and a simple console based application which exercises the dll.





28 December 2016

v1.01 (28 May 2000)

v1.0 (18 April 1998)