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PopWatch LogoPopWatch v1.07 An application to monitor your POP3 mailbox (Obsolete)

To use the program simply run the PopWatch executable and it will minimize to the tray notification area. When the server is checked, the icon in the tray notification area will be changed to indicate if there is some mail in your mailbox. The tooltip associated with the icon will also be changed to indicate the number of emails waiting and the total size in Kilobytes of all the emails.


The enclosed zip file contains the PopWatch program, its help file and its source code. You will need the MFC DLL's already installed on your machine. If you haven't already got them on your machine (MFC42.DLL in your Windows system directory), then grab them from For further information on the POP3 class the PopWatch code uses, please refer to the CPop3Connection page





29 January 2017

V1.07 (16 April 2005)

V1.06 (24 June 2002)

V1.05 (23 June 2002)

V1.04 (27 July 2001)

V1.03 (13 June 2001)

V1.02 (26 March 2000)

V1.01 (22 February 1999)

V1.0 (6 January 1999)