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ResSwitch & ResCopy LogoResSwitch & ResCopy v1.24 2 utilities including MFC source code to enumerate and change display mode (Obsolete)

Tired of using the Windows Control panel to quickly change your graphics cards display mode. This program uses the command line sent to it, to change the display mode. With this structure you can create a number of shortcuts to ResSwitch on your desktop using different command lines which will allow you to change mode with a simple double click on your desktop. By setting up shortcut keys in the shortcut file to ResSwitch you can quickly change modes by just using the keyboard only.

Also included is ResCopy which is a simple dialog based app which lists all the display devices and available display modes which ResSwitch can use. It also allows a filename to be specified via its command line, using this will just output the available display devices and display modes to that file a line at a time without displaying the dialog.

The enclosed zip file contains the ResSwitch and ResCopy source code, and some MFC classes to wrap access to the two underlying API's ResSwitch and ResCopy uses and a prebuilt binary version of both programs. The enclosed binary requires that you have the MFC 6 DLLs already installed.





27 March 2010

2 July 2008

v1.24 (12 March 2008)

v1.23 (3 April 2007)

v1.22 (17 January 2001)

v1.21 (6 March 2000)

v1.2 (4 January 1999)

v1.1 (25 September 1997)