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RasMan Logo RasMan v1.60 A shareware application to monitor your Dial-Up Networking Connections (Obsolete)


CRasMonitor LogoCRasMonitor v1.60 The MFC class to monitor connections as used by RasMan (Obsolete)


RasMan LogoRasMan

Welcome to RasMan, A shareware application to monitor all of your Dial-Up Networking connections. There are numerous online timers already out on the Internet, so you may say why another one.

I have evaluated numerous online timers but none of them provided exactly what I wanted. Some of the problems were:

  1. For such a simple requirement some of the program were overly complicated or had special requirements.
  2. None of the programs out there were able to accurately take into account the many different costing rules being used by ISPs and telecom providers.
  3. The types of reporting available in some programs were limited or non-existent.

What I wanted was a nice flexible program, small in size, unobtrusive and easy to use. So with that in mind here is a list of RasMan features:

  1. The size of RasMan.exe itself is just 100k and the code inside it has been designed in such a way to affect system performance as little as possible.
  2. The program leaves all of the reporting and costing issues to an external program. This leaves RasMan to the job of monitoring connections and leaves all the complications of costing / reporting to more capable programs.
  3. Instead of providing reporting, RasMan generates a log file which can be easily imported into programs such as Microsoft Excel. The format itself is totally customizable.
  4. The program is simple to use. Just run it and forget about it, until you want to review your Internet usage.

Leaving the reporting up to a program such as Excel means that you are free to implement whatever reporting/costing you want using all the powerful functionality programs such as this provides.

The enclosed file contains the RasMan application and help file as a standard Windows Installer MSI file.


Installation Requirements



8 January 2017

V1.60 (2 February 2007)

V1.51 (1 June 2003)

V1.5 (19 December 2001)

V1.47 (30 April 2001)

V1.46 (8 May 2000)

V1.45 (25 January 2000)

V1.44 (15 September 1999)

V1.43 (13 September 1999)

V1.42 (8 September 1999)

V1.41 (5 September 1999)

V1.4 (21 February 1999)

V1.3 (2 February 1999)

V1.23 (17 November 1998)

V1.22 (11 November 1998)

V1.21 (9 November 1998)

V1.2 (6 November 1998)

V1.1 (26 July 1998)

V1.0 (5 July 1998)




CRasMonitor LogoCRasMonitor

This class forms the basis of the code for RasMan. It uses window messages to notify client code of various ras events. These include notification of connections being made and closed. Some of the its features include:

The enclosed zip file contains just the CRasMonitor source code. Since RasMan is now shareware the code for it is not now included.




8 January 2017

v1.60 (2 February 2007)

v1.51 (16 July 2003)

v1.5 (19 December 2001)

v1.43 (30 April 2001)

v1.42 (8 May 2000)

v1.41 (25 January 2000)

v1.4 (21 February 1999)

v1.21 (2 February 1999)

17 November 1998

11 November 1998

9 November 1998

v1.2 (6 November 1998)

v1.1 (1 October 1998)

30 July 1998

26 July 1998

v1.0 (13 July 1998)