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RedRatCom LogoRedRat Tuner for Beyond TV v1.02 a freeware Tuner plug-in dll for Beyond TV (Obsolete)

This download is a freeware Tuner plug-in for Snapstream Beyond TV which allows you to control a set-top box using a RedRat3 IR device. For people who have visited my web site before, you may well known that I have been using Windows Media Center Edition (and Showshifter before that), but one area which I was disappointed with was it use of MS's proprietary dvr-ms file format. Also it cannot handle multiple channels where the sources are mixed. Another weakness MCE has IMHO is that you cannot stream live TV from the MCE device to another PC (My MCE machine is upstairs next to my Sky+ box but I do most of my TV viewing in my computer room which is downstairs. I do have the TV signal via coax down in the computer room, but the picture is pretty poor, plus the audio is only mono). Before anyone emails me saying "oh yes you can stream from an MCE", AFAIK you can only do this to an Xbox 360 using the Media Center Extender Software, but I'm not really into games and want it streamed to one of my computers and not to a TV. Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with Beyond TV and it addresses all of the shortcomings as I see it with MCE. Recording is done to a standard MPEG2 file and meta data for a recording / show is stored in separate xml file, files can be compressed to DivX and WMV natively, streaming is supported to PC's via their Beyond TV Link software and their multiple tuner architecture is much more flexible compared to MCE. Beyond TV also has a comprehensive SDK for the developer community. Unfortunately the one area where Beyond TV is weak (at least for us Europeans) is EPG support. Fortunately I already use and much prefer DigiGuide which provides a comprehensive PC based EPG. In addition I have installed a customized version of the SnapStream Schedule Plug-in for DigiGuide which allows me to schedule recordings at my main computer downstairs and send the recording request to the Beyond TV PC upstairs. Changes were made to the digiadd.aspx file which is included with the SnapStream Schedule Plug-in for DigGuide, so that it works correctly with the latest version of Beyond TV (The plug-in was originally developed by Jeremy Tilson to support Snapstream v3). You can download my update version of digiadd.asp here. All you need to do is copy my version of this file over the existing version (You probably should make a backup of the existing file first). This file should normally be located at "c:\Program Files\SnapStream Media\Beyond TV\wwwroot". I have rewrote this page to use C# ASP.NET instead of VB.NET as I am more familiar with the syntax of C#/C++. Finally on the Beyond TV machine, I installed my new Tuner plug-in (which is distributed as a MSI file created using Wix v3). The plug-in includes a sample RedRat database for the Sky+ box but you are free of course to use your own database from the RedRat support pages. Most of the configuration details are taken care of by the MSI install but full details on further configuration of the plug-in is included in a readme which gets installed along with the plug-in. The source code for the tuner is also included in the download, as well as the Wix v3 files to generate the install. The documentation for Wix v3 is sorely lacking at the moment, so you might want to use it as a tutorial for using Wix.

To keep the size of the MSI file download to a minimum, a number of external prerequisites are checked when the MSI is first run. They are:

Once you have these prerequisites installed, you should then be able to rerun the msi file without any issues.





12 May 2016

V1.02 (6 June 2008)

27 May 2007

23 October 2006

V1.0 (20 October 2006)