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CScreenSaver LogoCScreenSaver v1.08 An MFC class framework for developing screen savers

The screen saver library provided in the Windows SDK namely SCRSAVE.LIB is designed for SDK apps and cannot be used with traditional MFC apps. CScreenSaver provides an MFC class framework to allow screen savers to be built using "normal" MFC code.




The enclosed zip file contains the CScreenSaver source code and a sample VC2017 screen saver application which exercises the classes.





v1.08 (25 April 2022)

v1.07 (25 March 2020)

v1.06 (23 December 2019)

v1.05 (3 June 2019)

v1.04 (29 October 2018)

v1.03 (30 January 2016)

v1.02 (18 July 2006)

v1.01 (6 January 2006)

v1.0 (5 May 2000)