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smtpsend.gif (295 bytes)SMTPSend v1.23 A shareware ISAPI module to send Internet (SMTP) email (Obsolete)

You can use this module to implement Interactive elements on your Web site such as Guest Books, Question and Answer sections etc. To use the module on your web server, you need to copy the SMTPSend dll on to the web server directory where you want to use it from. All of the settings for the module can be configured from the client side. Usually you would accomplish this using HTML "text" and "hidden" form fields.

For further information on how to use the module, have a look at the documentation which comes with the module in the zip file.

The enclosed zip file contains the SMTPSend dll, sample web pages and documentation.



21 December 2005

V1.23 (14 May 1999)

V1.22 (22 February 1999)

V1.21 (20 January 1999)

V1.2 (18 January 1999)

V1.1 (11 January 1999)

v1.0 (10 January 1998)