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As many of you may be aware, I've co-written a book called Super SQL Server Systems, "Turbocharge Database Performance with C++ External Procedures" with Joseph Gama, my co-author. I started on the project back in April 2004 when Joseph approached me to ask if I was interested in writing a book with him. At this stage he had a rough table of contents drawn up. After taking some time to mull over the idea, I agreed and started into the research. Two years later and the book is nearly upon us. The book is an in-depth look at Extended Stored Procedures which is the mechanism by which you can write plug-ins for SQL Server 2000 and 2005 using native mode code. The book has been in general availability from your favourite bookstores since the end of September 2006.



Title "Super SQL Server Systems"
Tagline "Turbocharge Database Performance with C++ External Procedures"
ISBN 0976157322
Publisher Rampant Techpress
Authors Joseph Gama, P.J. Naughter
Length 570 pages
Intended Audience C/C++ Programmers who want to learn about database programming and database administrators and programmers which need more performance, functionality and versatility from SQL Server.
Book Web page
Availability The book is in general availability since the end of September 2006. You can purchase directly from the publishers at or from online retailers such as Amazon at
Code Depot Rampant have kindly allowed me to host the "Code Depot" for the book on my web site. This file contains all the accompanying code and script developed for the book. It also includes pre-built versions of all the XPs to quickly get you up and running. Please note that you are obliged to purchase a copy of the book to use this code.


Chapter Breakdown

The book is comprised of 29 chapters with the breakdown as follows: The initial chapters provide an introduction to XPs. Then we develop a class framework to make the development process simpler. The chapters in the middle of the book include loads of ready to run production quality XPs. Finally the remainder of the book provides a comprehensive primer on the various technologies in SQL Server which XP's build upon.



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1 April 2008