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CSyncCollection v1.12 A templatized collection with thread synchronization

Welcome to CSyncCollection, a C++ class which implements a templatized collection which implements Windows thread synchronisation with timeouts for both adding and removing. In other words when you "Add", you can specify a timeout to wait for if the collection is full and when you "Remove" data from the collection you can specify a timeout to wait for if the collection is empty. Making the class templatized means that you can store any type of data you want in it. In addition templates are used to define various collection types. The code comes with predefined templates for both a stack and queue collection, using MFC and STL containers.

The enclosed zip file contains source for the class and a VC2005 test program which implements a simulation of the classic consumer / producer thread synchronisation example.





v1.0 (26 January 2002)

V1.01 (6 April 2002)

V1.02 (7 April 2002)

V1.03 (23 November 2003)

V1.04 (26 November 2004)

V1.05 (30 May 2005)

V1.06 (10 April 2006)

V1.06 (10 April 2006)

V1.07 (2 May 2006)

V1.08 (7 July 2008)

V1.09 (27 May 2011)

V1.10 (10 December 2011)

V1.11 (4 January 2015)

V1.12 (20 February 2016)