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VFWGrab Logo VFWGrab v1.07 A program to post WebCam images to a Web site (Obsolete)

Welcome to VFWGrab, An application to post jpeg images to a web site via FTP or to any UNC filename from any Video for Windows device you may have installed on your computer. 


The enclosed zip file contains the VFWGrab program, help file and sample ini file to customize the program.









V1.0 (31 October 2000)

V1.01 (10 October 2001)

V1.02 (29 December 2001)

V1.03 (3 June 2002)

V1.04 (12 March 2002)

V1.05 (1 June 2003)

V1.06 (15 September 2004)

V1.07 (26 January 2007)

22 January 2017