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CWaitableTimer Logo CWaitableTimer v1.07 A C++ class for Win32 waitable timers

Welcome to CWaitableTimer, a C++ class to support access to the Window APIs dealing with waitable timers.




The enclosed zip file contains the CWaitableTimer source code and a simple test program which exercises all of the class methods.





v1.07 (22 August 2018)

v1.06 (20 June 2018)

v1.05 (4 December 2015)

v1.04 (16 February 2014)

v1.03 (1 June 2008)

v1.02 (26 June 2006)

V1.01 (18 February 2004)

8 November 2002

V1.0 (8 August 2000)