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XTaskDialog v1.15 An emulated version of Vista's Task Dialog APIs (Obsolete)

Welcome to XTaskDialog, an emulation of the Vista Task Dialog APIs for down level operating systems including Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. Task Dialogs are designed as the replacement for the venerable MessageBox API call. Some of you may know that I have extended the MessageBox API for MFC clients thro the use of my CMessageBoxX class. You can do quite a few things with the message box API but MS have decided in their wisdom to deprecate the API in preference to the much more extensible Task Dialog API. For a good intro on the usage of Task Dialogs check out Michael Dunn's article at There is also a good article also on CodeProject about developing an emulated version of the API at XTaskDialog is my own independently developed emulation version of the Task Dialog API. Note that some of the XTaskDialog code which creates the in memory dialog template is based in part on the XMessageBox class by Hans Dietrich at . You should check this article out as a good primer on how you go about creating in memory dialog templates.


Here's an example of what a Task Dialog looks like from the sample app included in the download assuming you want to see what pretty much all the features look like, when it is run on Windows XP with theming enabled:


Please bear in mind that "less is more" when it comes to UI design and a well written application should not try to use all of the features of a TaskDialog in every single dialog which your application puts up!


Here is a list of the Features / Limitations of the code currently:


The enclosed zip file contains the XTaskDialog source code and a simple VC 2005 test program to exercise the classes provided.





2 July 2017

V1.15 (29 September 2015)

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