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CPJNCards v1.01 A C++ wrapper class for "Cards.dll" (Obsolete)

Welcome to CPJNCards, a simple C++ wrapper for "Cards.dll". This DLL provides the functionality which the cards games supplied with Windows such as Solitaire and FreeCell use to draw their playing cards. The API exposed from "Cards.dll" is semi-documented and was originally described in an MSDN article in 1996 by Dave Edson. Online examples which show you how to use the DLL from C# are available at and This class provides a very simply C++ wrapping of the API to get you started writing your Playing cards game in your C++/ MFC apps.






The enclosed zip file contains the CPJNCards source code and a simple dialog based application which exercises the class.



28 August 2016

V1.01 (22 December 2006)

V1.0 (12 March 2006)