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CPushPinFrame Logo CPushPinFrame v1.21 An MFC PushPin property page dialog class (Obsolete)

This class emulates the properties dialogs as seen in Microsoft Developer Studio. They sport a push pin button in the top left hand corner which when unpinned automatically closes the property dialog when the dialog loses focus. The MS implementation seems to use custom draw controls which seems a shame when you lose all the functionality provided by the MFC property sheet classes. The class of interest is CPushPinFrame and is derived from CFrameWnd. It provides a look which is similar to the modal MFC property sheets.

You will also need to download the CPushPinButton class from my web site and copy in the pushpin.cpp and pushpin.h files from that archive. The bitmaps CPushPin uses are already in the demo program supplied with CPushPinFrame.

When the property page is correctly setup it will look like:

CPushPinFrame screen capture


The enclosed zip file contains the source, resources, demo program and a text file describing how to use the class.





16 April 1998

V1.1 (1 June 1999)

V1.11 (2nd June 1999)

V1.2 (8 March 2001)

V1.21 (27 August 2001)

26 January 2017