Copyright / Usage Details for my freeware source code


  Toast++ - A set of C++ classes to encapsulate Toast Notifications
  CSelectCertificateDlg - a MFC certificate selection dialog.
  CToasterWnd - A MSN Messenger style notification window.
  CMessageBoxX - An MFC class to encapsulate the MessageBox API
  DDXFile - A control for MFC to retrieve filenames
  Splasher- An improved splash screen component for MFC
CPushPinButton Logo CPushPinButton - A pushpin button MFC class
  DDXFolder & CChooseDirDlg - A control for MFC to retrieve folders
  CTrayNotifyIcon - An MFC/WTL class to manipulate tray icons
EZView Logo EZView - A Image Viewer application
CHLinkCtrl Logo CHLinkCtrl - An MFC class to support hyperlinks on windows and dialogs
  CIconDialog - An icon selection dialog class for MFC
CMapPin Logo CMapPin - An MFC class to implement map pins
  IconComboBox - A collection of MFC icon selection combo boxes
  CClockCtrl - An MFC class to display an analog clock
CScreenSaver Logo CScreenSaver - An MFC class framework for developing screen savers
  COSMCtrl - An MFC class to display OpenStreeMap tiles
  ShellCtrls2 - A set of MFC controls to implement the right and left hand side of Windows Explorer
  CFileTreeControl  - An MFC tree control class to display files (Obsolete)
  XTaskDialog - An emulated version of the Vista TaskDialogIndirect API (Obsolete)
CPushPinFrame Logo CPushPinFrame - An MFC class to provide property dialogs ala Developer Studio (Obsolete)
  CPJNCards - A C++ wrapper class for "Cards.dll" (Obsolete)
CTreeOptionsCtrl Logo CTreeOptionsCtrl - A tree options control (Obsolete)
CListOptionsCtrl Logo CListOptionsCtrl - A properties browser control (Obsolete)
CIJLBitmap Logo CIJLBitmap - An MFC class to load DIB's and Jpegs (Obsolete)