Copyright / Usage Details for my freeware source code


  CPPCThreadPool - A pure C++ 17 Thread Pool implementation
  FluidSim - An implementation of Jos Stam's Fluid Dynamics for Games paper
  FOStation - A Windows service for Fine Offset Weather Stations
  MSFClock - An Arduino MSF Atomic Clock
  JSON++ - A collection of C++ classes to support JSON / JSON5
  ScanFinger - An application to capture a fingerprint scan using WinBIO
  IniUtil - A COM DLL for handling INI files
  SudokuSolver - A set of C++ classes for Sudoku
GPSCom2 GPSCom2 - A COM based GPS Library
IConnectionPointImplMT - A multithreaded ATL implementation of IConnectionPoint
  AppSettings - A collection of C++ classes to encapsulate application settings
  CSortedArray - A template collection class to implement ordered array
  CSimpleArrayEx - A template collection class to support InsertAt in CSimpleArray
  CRelativePaths - A class to convert relative to absolute paths and vice versa
  CMapEx - A class which extends the MFC class "CMap"
MfcSMS Logo MfcSMS - A collection of C++ classes to send SMS messages via your Mobile/Cell Phone & 3G/4G dongle
DtWinVer Logo DtWinVer - A comprehensive OS detection routine
  CInstanceChecker - A C++ class to implement single instance apps
EnumSerialPorts Logo CEnumerateSerial - A C++ class to enumerate serial ports
ShelExec Logo ShelExec - An application to call the ShellExecute API
StartX Logo StartX - An application to call the CreateProcess API
  EnumWnd - An ATL DLL to demonstrate COM Enumerators and Collections
  CSyncCollection - A templatized collection class with thread synchronisation
CCriticalSectionEx, CThreadSafe and CThreadSafeScalar Logo CCriticalSectionEx - A MFC critical section class with spin counts and a timeout (Obsolete)
  CExceptionLogger - A C++ class and DLL which logs unhandled exceptions (Obsolete)
LottoMan Logo LottoMan - An application to check your numbers in the Irish Lotto (Obsolete)
RedRatCom Logo RedRatCom - A COM component to support the "RedRat" IR device (Obsolete)
VFWGrab Logo VFWGrab - A program to post WebCam images to an Web site (Obsolete)
CCPUTicker Logo CCPUTicker - An ultra high precision MFC timing class for Pentium or greater CPU's (Obsolete)
  CHelix - A class which implements the "Helix" encryption and authentication cipher (Obsolete)
  PJSECURE - A DLL to provide the basis for network copy registration (Obsolete)
CInt96 Logo CInt96 - An MFC class to implement 96 bit integers (Obsolete)
RedRatTuner Logo RedRat Tuner plug-in for Beyond TV (Obsolete)
SkyTune Logo SkyTune - A utility to allow Showshifter to support Sky Digiboxes (Obsolete)
TClock Logo TClock - A Clock application which speaks the time to you (Obsolete)
ResSwitch & ResCopy Logo ResSwitch & ResCopy - 2 small utilities to enumerate and change Display modes (Obsolete)
  NTLogon - An AutoLogon utility for Windows NT (Obsolete)
  CHKLM - An MFC class to write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (Obsolete)
CHookWnd Logo CHookWnd - An MFC class to implement MFC sub classing (Obsolete)
  HookImportFunctionByName - code for hooking import functions (Obsolete)